Back-to-School Dental Care in Garner NC

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Back-to-school is a busy time for parents, who are thinking about immunizations, school supplies and schedule adjustments. But don’t forget about your child’s regular tooth checkup. Preventative care through regular cleanings will help prevent decay and future lost school days.

A few other things to think about as your child heads back to class:

New toothbrush – Once the shopping cart is full of school supplies, head over to the dental care aisle and grab a round of toothbrushes for everyone. Toothbrushes should be changed every three months. You can remember it by season, or buy a new one every time a report card comes out.

Smile Protection – If your child plays sports, contact us about a properly fitted mouthguard to protect his or her smile

Time to Time – Two minutes feels longer than most kids (and adults!) think. Try using a timer in the bathroom for morning brushing to count the recommended two minutes. Small children can even make it a game.

Lunch Planning – Your child won’t be able to brush after lunch while at school. Keep teeth healthy by including fruit, vegetables and cheese your child’s lunch. Avoid sticky or chewy foods, and skip the soda and fruit juice, which contain a lot of acids. Let your kids know that water is a great way to rinse teeth after meals when you can’t brush.

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