Four Modern Foods to Avoid

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They say you are what you eat. Maybe not, but our teeth are noticing a difference.

Our diets today are worse for our teeth than the food we ate in the Stone Age. Scientists say we had a lot more diverse oral bacteria in our mouths 7,500 years ago.

When we moved from being hunter-gatherers to farmers, our teeth began to decline. The decline continued when we began manufacturing food during the Industrial Revolution.

Of course we’re not suggesting you eat like a Neanderthal (although we have heard there’s a diet for that). Instead, it’s just a good reminder that fresh food is best — for our bodies and our teeth.

Check out this list of four modern-day foods bad for your teeth:

  • Canned fruit. The manufacturers of canned fruit took something healthy and added a ton of excess sugar. Skip the fruit cup in favor of something fresh.
  • Espresso treat. Getting your daily dose of caffeine is one thing, but today’s coffee house beverages include chocolate, sugar, whipped cream and more sugar. Enjoy your buzz sugar free with some black coffee.
  • Smoothies. While it sounds like a healthy snack, if you order them from smoothie shops, you might be sipping on a lot of extra processed sugar.
  • Potato chips/white bread. These starchy products get stuck in the spaces between your teeth and can sit there for hours until your next flossing.

Nothing wrong with a sweet or starchy treat once in awhile, though. Just be sure to drink water afterward or chew on some sugarless gum.

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