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What if you lost your front teeth? What if your new crown was knocked out? Not only would you look different, but your eating, talking and breathing would also change.

Mouth guards are the perfect way to protect teeth, whether for children who play sports or for those who clench and grind their teeth. Mouth guards are also useful for those with TMJ or people who want to protect their crowns and veneers.

A properly fitted mouth guard can protect not only your smile, but your lips, tongue, face and jaw.  Accordinmouthgaurdg to the American Dental Association, mouth guards may even reduce the severity and incidence of concussions for those playing sports.

There are three types of mouth guards: ready-made, the “boil-and-bite,” type that form around your mouth, and custom-made. While all three offer protection, the third type, custom-made, offer the best fit and the most comfort.

Our team at Moore Smiles can make you a custom mouth guard by taking an impression of your teeth. For nighttime teeth grinders, there’s a special mouth guard called a nocturnal bite plate or bite splint used to prevent tooth damage, so check with your dentist before purchasing one.

No matter which type you choose, be sure it fits you or your child well. Choose one that is resilient, tear resistant and easy to clean. Check to make sure it does not restrict speech or breathing.

A few dos and donts for your mouth guard:

Do clean it before and after use with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Don’t wear your custom-fitted mouth guard with braces.

Do give it a good clean once in awhile with cool, soapy water, rinsing it thoroughly.

Don’t chew on or cut pieces off your mouth guard.

Do use a container with vents to transport the mouth guard.

Don’t leave it in the sun or hot water.

Do bring your mouth guard to your dental visits.


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