Relax at the Dentist with Sedation Dentistry in Ganer, NC

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Dental phobia, or fear of the dentist, is not uncommon. In fact, many people avoid dental treatments altogether because the stress and anxiety can be overwhelming.

As a result, the teeth are neglected and many treatments may be necessary to obtain optimal oral health. With sedation dentistry, offered at our practice, you can get the smile you’ve always wanted without the stress and fear of your normal office visit.

Nearly all patients are eligible for sedation dentistry. While you relax comfortably, Dr. Moore and his staff can complete any dentistry treatment needed such as extractions, crowns, root canals, implants and more — often in just one visit.

There are two ways to enjoy sedation dentistry:

  • Inhalation analgesia (Nitrous Oxide, Laughing Gas) makes the patient more relaxed, however, still aware of their surroundingstiger relaxing and procedures. Because the sedative effects of nitrous oxide are immediately reversible, this is an excellent choice for apprehensive patients that need to drive themselves home after dental treatment. Also, it is ideal for shorter, less invasive procedures.
  • Oral medications are often prescribed for the patient to take prior to coming to the dental office for treatment. These sedatives (sleeping pills) are often combined with the nitrous oxide, and the patient is very relaxed and generally not aware of the treatment being provided. Because the patient is more sedated, they must have someone bring them to the office, and be with them the rest of the day. This is ideal for longer, more invasive procedures, and for patients that would rather not be aware of the dental treatment being provided.

Most sedation dentists receive training in the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (D.O.C.S) program. This is a three-day course in a classroom.

Dr. Moore completed his training during the course of a year in a hospital. He has experience with oral sedation to general anesthesia ensuring your safety and positive outcomes. Additionally, his staff has been trained in oral sedation techniques and will make you feel safe and comfortable throughout your visit.

Please contact us and ask about how you could benefit from sedation dentistry in Garner, NC today.

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